Office Management and Computer Application (OMCA) Department

Keeping in view the employment opportunities and job profile of diploma holders in Office Management and Computer Applications, following competency profile is arrived at:

  1. Development of knowledge and skills in oral and written communication for handling business and office related correspondence.
  2. Development of skills for operating/ handling/ management of communication systems
  3. Development of secretarial skills by using modern office equipment
  4. Development of necessary expertise in handling clients and appreciation of value of better inter-personal relations for growth and development of the organization
  5. Development of knowledge and skills in handling modern automated equipment and gadgets like computers, fax, EAPBX, photocopying machines, DTP, franking machine and other machines/equipments which are used in modern offices
  6. Understanding the concepts and principles of management, office methods and practices, accounting procedures and business legislation to manage the office effectively and efficiently
  7. Development of competencies in information processing its storage, documentation and retrieval
  8. Development of multiple skills in handling office matters
  9. Development of a pleasing personality and better inter-personal relationship for growth and development of the organization
  10. Development of habit of learning by oneself and knowing new developments in one's field of interest and related areas/disciplines
  11. Understanding of human behaviour, group dynamics and value of team work
  12. Development of entrepreneurial attitudes
  13. Development of awareness about protection and improvement of environment
  14. Development of values and attitudes such as:
    - Dignity of labour
    - Punctuality
    - Planning and Execution of work systematically and neatly
    - Accuracy in work
    - Supporting spirit with colleagues
    - Dedication and commitment
    - Honesty
    - Flexibility and receptivity of mind etc
    - Physical fitness
    - Moral values and Nationalism

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